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Welcome to the website of the Council for International Trade & Commerce, SA Inc – CITCSA.

CITCSA members are Market Access Facilitators for South Australian enterprises to take SA goods and services globally.

CITCSA is the peak body for South Australia’s International – or country specific, business chambers and councils.

CITCSA was established in 1994 by the then State Liberal Government and has been continually supported by successive State Governments.

As an independent incorporated association – CITCSA charter is creating chambers and then supporting its membership in their development of bilateral economic and cultural relations with their countries of origin, and by the identification and facilitation of sustainable export markets for South Australian enterprises.

Our chambers and councils work mainly with the State’s small and medium sized enterprises – SME’s, whose resources generally cannot cover multiple international destinations potentially as diverse as China, Russia, Africa, India and so forth.

CITCSA’s chambers and councils have both the resources and will to assist South Australian enterprises. Our presidents and leaders travel frequently between South Australia and their countries of origin in developing sustainable trade and cultural relationships. They facilitate commercial relationships in the targeted world markets for export ready SA companies.

Their members are multicultural entrepreneurs and act as quasi diplomats and champions in the global promotion of Adelaide and South Australia.

CITCSA’s chambers and councils, introduce some 70 South Australian companies to global markets each year.

By and large, this is track record achievement through consistent representation and relationship building by CITCSA’s members in targeted regions.

We aim to capture these achievements and more at our website and your feedback is most welcome.

Francis Wong

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